PDF has a Finance Department that adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and practices. Finance department is managed by three chartered accountants and six assistants with duties to manage and account for funds.

The finance department maintains a system for recording and submitting all types of financial transactions for the purpose of implementing projects and running organization activities. The accounting software in use is called Tally. Financial details and transactions are processed through computer program where various reports and details are extracted on daily bases for crosschecking, approvals and as part of back-up system to external/hard files.

On monthly bases reports are produced, signed and put on file for various uses. Bank reconciliation is done monthly and financial reports for internal reflection is done quarterly. Annual Financial statements are prepared each year and audited by independent Auditor. Revenue grants from donors are recorded in the accounting period it is received and expenses recognized when incurred. Grants and donations are recorded separately from operational activities.  In-kind contributions are also recognized through journal adjustments that are supported by appropriate and objective documentation (e.g. agreements, formal letters or memos and Memorandum of Understanding).

PDF has zero tolerance for corruption, theft, fraud and dishonesty. A transparent reporting and whistle blowing system is in place and supported by scheduled anonymous surveys to establish gaps and respond timely in efforts to maintain quality and effectiveness of services offered by the organization to the community.